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  • Lena Dunham Looks Nothing Like Her Girls Character For Guest Starring Role On Scandal!!

    Lena Dunham is proving how versatile of an actor she is in her guest starring spot on Scandal. She's leaving behind Girls' Hannah Horvath for someone a little more… sophisticated. Also, that HAIR! (Well, wig but whatever!) That's pretty damn far from Hannah. Her guest starring role has been kept pretty under wraps but the episode is called [...]

  • Funny Or Terrible? This Man Annoyed His Pregnant Wife & Made This Video Of His Antics!

    This man has some guts, or no brains… we can't decide! LOLz! Mike Wilson recorded his wife Louise's pregnancy in an atypical way, by recording silly videos of himself annoying the heck out of her, and giving her a hard time about almost everything. [ Related: Jessica Biel Shows A MASSIVE Bump While On Set Of Her [...]

  • Jada Pinkett Smith Is Leaving Gotham!

    Jada Pinkett Smith is doing what The Joker probably should have done years ago and leaving Gotham for good. The actress — who plays (played??) crime boss Fish Mooney on the Batman origin show — broke the news in an interview with extra. [ Related: Jada Is Totally Into Watching Husband Will Smith's Sex Scenes With Margot [...]

  • Get Your First Look At CBS' Supergirl Melissa Benoist In Costume HERE!

    Up, up, and onto the small screen! Warner Bros and CBS have finally revealed their Supergirl, and she looks pretty darn good! [ Related: Supergirl TV Show Adds A Former Superman And Supergirl To The Cast! ] In two brand new pics (above), former Glee star Melissa Benoist beams in her new costume as Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El! The [...]

  • Rihanna's Bodyguard Carried Her Hodor-Style Over A Snow Bank In NYC — Yes, It Happened!

    Hodor? Hodor, hodor hodor! Sorry, we'll translate that for you: "Nice new ride, Rihanna!" Sometimes walking in the snow is hard. Like really hard. Like, wouldn't it be nice if someone could just carry you? Because, like, ugh, walking is the worst. [ Related: Rihanna Previews Newest And Sexiest Songs ] While RiRi was out and about in NYC, [...]

  • Aaron Carter Has A Message For His Ex Hilary Duff — And The Gloves Are OFF!

    It's official: Aaron Carter is no longer drunk in love with Hilary Duff. After years of tirelessly pursuing Hil since they broke-up in 2003 (George W. Bush was still in office to give you some perspective), Aaron has finally given up hope of landing his lady love. [ Related: Lindsay Tried To Explain Her Drama With Hilary [...]

  • Flashback Friday: The Rebecca Black Edition! She Reflects On Her Unexpected Hit Friday Almost 4 Years Later!!

    You know what we love about today? It's Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Why? Cause everyone's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend? NO. Well, yeah, probably, but also because it's Flashback Friday!! Today, we're flashing all the way back to almost four years ago, when 13-year-old Rebecca Black released her viral "hit" song Friday. Black, now 17, has come [...]

  • Wolverine 3 Is On The Way! Find Out When Hugh Jackman Begins Filming HERE!

    Last year, Hugh Jackman was talking about not returning to the role of Wolverine after X-Men: Days Of Future Past. But one major hit and one Best Picture inspiration later, the Huge Jacked Man is ready to take all comers! [ Video: Hugh Jackman & Chris Hemsworth Wear Mullets While Playing Musical Beers ] Not only is he [...]

  • How Are YOUR Life Goals? This Baby Can Crack An Egg With One Hand Like A Natural! Watch!

    In the words of Bruno Mars, don't believe us, just watch! 16-month-old Anna Quarella was chef-ing it up in the kitchen one day with her parents when they made a discovery: she's a natural! [ Related: Dean McDermott Announces He'll No Longer Be The Host Of Chopped: Canada! ] Her mom, Ashley Quarella, talked about her single-handed-egg-cracking baby, [...]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow Will ONLY Listen To Beyoncé's Music When She's Working Out! What A Great Bestie!

    Everyone knows listening to Beyoncé jams are the key to any successful workout! Besides, what kind of bestie would Gwyneth Paltrow be if she didn't pump iron to Yoncé's music?! Not a good one, we'll tell you that! [ Photos: Most Powerful Celeb BFFs ] Tracy Anderson, Goopy's longtime trainer reveals the actress loves listening to Bey while she's [...]

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