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  • Who *Doesn't* Mariah Carey Blame For Her Disastrous NYE Performance??

    Mariah Carey is *still* not over that embarrassing NYE performance! In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 46-year-old is "blaming everyone" — including herself! (kinda) — for how that hot mess all went down. The songstress explained: "It was a mess, and I blame everybody. And I blame myself for not leaving after rehearsal." Related: Mariah Suffers A [...]

  • A Paparazzo Is Selling The Umbrella Used By Britney Spears During That Infamous 2007 Attack

    Leave Britney alone, people. The paparazzo who was attacked by Britney Spears with an umbrella during her well-documented 2007 breakdown is now attempting to auction off said umbrella. Related: Crossroads 15 Years Later — Where Are They Now? Daniel Ramos says he's willing to donate half of the proceeds to a charity of Britney's choice, though Brit's camp [...]

  • Jamie Foxx Remains Unbothered After Becoming The Victim Of Hate Speech In Croatia

    This is so not okay. Earlier this week, while out to dinner in Croatia, Jamie Foxx became the victim of hate speech after two middle aged men decided to hurl racial slurs at the A-lister. So awful! Related: Andy & Jamie Both Score Game Shows At Fox! Thankfully, the Ray star documented the incident (below) on his Snapchat [...]

  • WTF? Donald Trump Thinks States Should Decide Whether Or Not Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students Is Acceptable

    We've said it once, we'll say it again — Donald Trump's administration is NOT an ally to the LGBTQ community. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer offered up his latest dose of bullshit as he danced around how POTUS REALLY feels about transgender people using bathrooms which correlate with their identified gender. Hmmm, go [...]

  • Listen To This: Hallelujah!!

    We believe firmly that good music will be heard! It may not be right away but it WILL discover an audience! LOLO's most recent album, In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit, is a very special body of work. And we've been listening to it so much the past few months! The songs are so [...]

  • Guess The Flexible Celeb!

    OMG that infinity pool!! This vocal celeb is living it up on her lavish vacation! Looks like she's taking some good yoga classes when she's out of the pool, too. We bet she needed that after all the pretzel-like plot twists she deals with on her TV shows. Related: Guess The TOPLESS Celeb! A few more hints: she's a published [...]

  • Salty Josh Murray Says Bachelor Nick Viall & Andi Dorfman Are 'Perfect For Each Other' — Just After He's Spotted Kissing Ex Amanda Stanton!

    Ah, the tangled webs we weave. If you're a part of Bachelor Nation, you know Andi Dorfman's love triangle with Nick Viall and Josh Murray is far from complicated — which is why fans totally freaked out when the 29-year-old crashed Nick's hotel room at the end of last night's episode of The Bachelor. While we're still [...]

  • Donald Trump Can't Stop Tweeting About The Oscars!

    On the list of things Donald Trump shouldn't be tweeting about… OK, Kristen Stewart is definitely at the top. But the President also has an unhealthy relationship with the Oscars. We don't know about you, but we're not exactly putting weight behind the opinion of a guy who thinks Meryl Streep is "over-rated." Video: Late Night Hosts Roast [...]

  • Madonna Shares New Photo Of Her Twins!

    You can just feel all the love Madonna has for her new daughters! The living legend posted the cutest photo of twins Stella and Esther on her Instagram Tuesday. Related: Madonna Covers Italian Vogue The girls were dressed in matching Adidas tracksuits, with Madge captioning the pic: "Today's Blessing brought to you by Adidas! ⭐️🌟😂🌈🌈🎉🎉🌼🌼💝💝😂🙏" The twins look gorgeous! We [...]

  • WNBA Star Candice Wiggins Says She Was Bullied For Being Straight

    These comments are bound to ruffle a few feathers. Although Candice Wiggins announced her retirement last March and is being inducted into the San Diego Hall of Champions' Bretibard Hall of Fame, the basketball star does not have good memories of the WNBA. The Stanford graduate told the San Diego Union-Tribune that she was bullied throughout [...]

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