Fright Fest

Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis


New Chills Await

🎃   Butcher’s Block This old-fashioned family-run business is not what it seems. Many travelers and out-of-towners have stopped in for a spell never to leave. Well, not on foot that is.  Rumor has it, they were persuaded to take a tour of The Slaughter House next door.

🎃   Sycophants — Beware when passing through this new Scare Zone. Python and his band of Sycophants have taken over DC Comics Plaza and set an evil plan in motion to take over Fright Fest. With the help of his own chainsaw wielding freaks, he is on a mission of mayhem and chaos designed to dethrone the Grand Witch and rule all of the freaks.

🎃   Reality? — Illusionist Johnny Magic brings his mind-boggling performance to Fright Fest for the first time. Johnny breaks the laws of physics, gravity and reality to make the audience question what is real and what is just an illusion in this jaw-dropping magic show.

🎃   Friday The 13th Hallowedding — On Friday, October 13, a wedding scaremony, where 13 couples say their “I Boos” and 13 couples renew their vows, will take place surrounded by park guests. Clad in Halloween themed wedding attire or their favorite costumes and transformed with ghoulish make-up, these couples will make a promise to love, honor and cherish into the afterlife on one of the most superstitious days of the year.   


Thrills by Day

🎃   Deadman’s Party — With no strings to hold them back, this troupe of human puppets perform the dance of the demented.

🎃   Love At First Fright — With the help of Wolfie, Riff and the rest of the castle residents, Witchie continues her quest to find the perfect brain for her beloved Frankie. This live Halloween musical has been a Fright Fest favorite for 24 years.

🎃   Macabre Manor — Friendly knights of the dungeon stand their post, while the eerie trees lead kids, 12 and under, through the mossy forest where a bag of treats await.

🎃   Spookey Mooky Mayhem — The Looney Tunes characters, in their best Halloween attire, lead this Halloween dance party.

🎃     The Dead Beats — High energy percussion on non-traditional instruments is performed by a trio of ghoulish musicians.


Fright by Night

🎃   Blackout — Surrounded by complete darkness, guests must rely on their sense of touch and hearing to make their way through this maze of complete darkness.

🎃   Blind Fury — A maze of disorienting hallways, moving doors, vibrating walls and unnerving special effects await visitors taking a tour of this abandoned toy factory.

🎃   Camp Killamore — The camp rules are simple: Do not go out after dark and if you must, never, never go out alone. Those who break the rules may not live to regret it.

🎃   Freakout Circus — This freak show includes amazing feats of fire eating, sword swallowing, knife juggling and more.

🎃  Freaks Unleashed — Summoned by the Grand Witch during a must see performance, all the freaks arrive aboard the steam train signaling the nighttime terror has begun.

🎃  Night Terrors — Fears and phobias come to life in this twisted maze that makes nightmares a reality. If guests weren’t already afraid of things that go bump in the night, they will be now.

🎃  Scare Zones — Unsightly and unsavory characters have claimed the streets as their own.  Scare Zones include Vengeful Trolls, Gnawlin’s Hollow, Sinister Clowns of the Blacktop, Zombieville, Minions of the Scare-O-Jack and Living Dead Headstone and Coffin Sales.

🎃  The Slaughter House — The live pigs out front are not the only things on the menu as the blood thirsty savages await in front, behind and even above those who dare to take a tour of this family run business.


Fright Fest runs select days, September 29 through October 31. For more information on operating hours, days, Haunted House Passes and more, visit 2018 Season Passes are on sale and can be used for this year’s Fright Fest, Holiday in the Park and all of next season. When four or more Season Passes are purchased and processed by November 12, guests receive an upgrade to a “Gold Season Pass” including free parking.


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